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Unlock the Benefits of AI & Automation: Two Areas Which Will Enhance Your User & IT Help Desk Agent Experiences

Business User Interacting with an AI-Powered Digital Help Desk Assistant
Unlock the Benefits of Al & Automation: Two Areas Which Will Enhance Your User & IT Help Desk Agent Experiences

Are you making the most of the benefits of AI and Automation within your IT organisation?

As our digital landscapes continue to develop and become increasingly complex, IT leaders are being asked to ensure their solutions obscure this complication. Great digital experiences feel simple and accessible, while being capable, efficient and effective. 

We’ve talked before about the benefits of developing an enhanced digital experience, including how - with the right solutions - your digital transformation will result in streamlined processes and business efficiency (including this one).

Today we’re going to focus on your use of AI to enhance your user and IT help desk agent experiences with intelligent automation in IT ticketing and helpdesk.

Intelligent Ticketing

Providing Automated Digital Experience Alerts

One area where AI and automation can significantly impact digital experiences is through intelligent ticketing. Organisations can provide better service and more streamlined processes by leveraging AI for proactive IT support and enhancing the users digital experience.

AI integration can also improve business efficiency with faster diagnoses. With complete visibility into device performance and health, and the data for related systems, it is possible to identify potential impacts before failure. 

One significant automation benefit is one-click recovery through the automation of remediation actions. This will ensure a smoother and more efficient resolution of common issues and remove the need for your people to manage these simple faults.

Let’s consider an example; perhaps a hospital trust managing multiple sites and clinics with users at all levels managing data to support patient care. 

On a Monday morning, a team handling patient inquiries faces unexpected application crashes. The Intelligent Ticketing system quickly detects this as a potential service disruption and automatically generates an IT incident ticket in the IT Service Management (ITSM) system. An IT help desk agent is then equipped to perform remote diagnostics and apply a one-click fix, significantly speeding up the troubleshooting process.

This streamlined approach enhances the experience for both the employees encountering issue and the IT help desk agents working on resolution, ensuring minimal disruption in patient engagement and maintaining operational efficiency.

Intelligent Helpdesk 

AI-Powered Digital Help Desk Assistants

AI-powered digital help desk assistants can also play a pivotal role in enhancing the digital experience. These assistants provide a centralised channel for employees to access all helpdesk services, effectively boosting user experience by keeping everything in one place. 

They also reduce your IT help desk agents workload by empowering users to self-service knowledge articles and service requests. This also improves business efficiency as well as reducing the frustrations of both the user - by resolving common issues on their own - and the agent - who is no longer consistently dealing with these simple but common questions.

Finally, your AI-powered digital help desk assistant will enhance your employee’s digital experience through improved business automation.

Let’s go back to our hospital trust…

One of our employees encountered difficulties accessing a vital patient record. Utilising the AI-powered digital help desk assistant integrated within Microsoft Teams, he submitted an incident ticket and conveniently received updates within the same platform until the issue was resolved.

Subsequently, when his colleague faced her own query, he recommended the same AI-powered digital help desk assistant to her. She was particularly pleased to find the assistance she required directly within Teams, thanks to the AI assistant's seamless integration with the hospitals knowledge and support articles.

Their manager is using the AI-powered digital help desk assistant within Teams, to streamline the onboarding process for a new hire. By initiating an automated workflow, the system efficiently sets up necessary accounts with appropriate permissions and a welcome email is sent to the new starter, removing manual processes and enhancing the employees onboarding experience.

The manager also uses the same AI-powered digital help desk assistant for the offboarding process, ensuring network security by promptly revoking access permissions for departing employees.

Enhancing Your Digital Experience with AI and Automation

The integration of AI and automation into your technology services, brings about a digital transformation that streamlines processes and leads to enhanced digital experiences for both users and agents. Through intelligent ticketing, intelligent helpdesk, and more, your IT organisation can achieve a new level of digital efficiency and user satisfaction.

About the Author

I'm Terry Chana. I am an innovation strategist that connects customer, employee and brand experiences. My passion lies in building ecosystems to solve business problems by combining creativity and technology.


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